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Bewl Sailing Association Ltd


Safety Boats: News Update...

11 Oct 2015

From the owners of Bewl Water:

"This is to confirm that Bewl Water Sailing have purchased two safety boats.

Insurance for operating the safety boats will be covered under Bewl Water Boating Insurance with the conditions that anyone driving will be over 21, hold the relevant qualifications and also must be a new annual pass holder with Bewl Water Sailing."

BSA (Bewl Sailing Association), representing the interests of all groups of sailors and those not belonging to any group, has as its prime concern the safety of all sailors regardless of their level of competence.  Our contribution to this is the provision of safety boat crews with helms qualified to (at least) RYA Power Boat Level 2.  The Midweeker and Flying Fifteen groups maintain lists of crews and have schedules in place for duties in the coming months.

For weekend sailing sessions, contact Paul Ponton of the Flying Fifteens

If you'd like to sail with cover on a Wednesday, contact Gill Cameron of the Midweekers.

Outside the periods covered by sessional times, Bewl Water Sailing allows access to the water with the following restrictions:

No safety cover will be provided, so evidence of a minimum RYA level 2 will be required and wind/weather conditions will apply.  Sailing will be ‘At Your Own Risk’ and the ability to self-rescue will be essential. For a copy of "Safety Guidance" and "Safety Rules"  contact the Bewl Water Sailing office.

BSA would add - Bearing in mind the need to be self sufficient, it is in the sailor's own interest to ensure that their boat has sufficient buoyancy, is well maintained and is "inversion proofed" if possible.